Pilot Introduction Thread

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UAL233 Franklin Dermody
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL233 Franklin Dermody » September 16th, 2015, 7:43 pm

Callsign: UAL233
Name: Franklin Dermody (AKA "Frank" or "Ponch")
Birthplace: Santa Cruz, CA
Current Location: Williams, CA
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, snow skiing, golf, and (oh, yeah...) Flight Simming!
Occupation: I work in the parts dept. at a farm equipment dealership.
Age: 47
Kids: None, but my wife and I joke that if we want kids, we'll go down the local shelter, pick out a dog, and name him Spot. Or Scooter. Or Biscuit. (I'd better not laugh... It just might happen!)
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UAL237 Joe Timpano
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL237 Joe Timpano » September 26th, 2015, 11:45 pm

Hi Everyone! I've been away from the FS world for a couple years but I'm back. Just wanted to say hi from Canada!

Callsign: UAL237
Name: Joe Timpano
Birthplace: Welland, ON
Current Location: Fonthill ON
Hobbies: Flight sim, photography, videography, drone videography, muscle cars
Occupation: Retired IT
Age: 62
Kids: One adult son. A musician and a great guy!

UAL301 Jonathan Bradbury

Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL301 Jonathan Bradbury » September 27th, 2015, 5:30 pm

Callsign: UAL301
Name: Jonathan Bradbury
Birthplace: Santa Paula, California
Current Location:Orlando, Florida
Hobbies: Flight Sim, Flying, building computers, Roller Coasters, and Football!!
Interesting facts: Used to be the Director of Cargo Operation for Slipstream VA until they shut down. I also currently fly with FedEx Virtual Air Cargo.
In the real world I am a Former Fire Fighter and EMT.
Age: 42
Kids: 1
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UAL903 Gary Price
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL903 Gary Price » September 28th, 2015, 12:08 am

Callsign: UAL001
Name: Gary Price
Birthplace: Kingston, New York (Go Mets!)
Current Location: Irvine, CA
Hobbies: Flight Sim, Golf, baseball, karaoke (working on becoming a singing instructor)
Interesting facts: My favorite color is blue and I like long walks along the beach. I am the CEO of VUAL, and have no clue what I am doing. I was CEO at AvA a long time ago and had no clue there either. Fortunately no one is paying attention. I do enjoy hanging out on TS with everyone, please drop by sometime.
Age: 45
Kids: 2 boys - 21 and 18, they act more mature than I do.
Wife: 1 female. Still married after 20+ years. Not sure how she puts up with me.
Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Virtual United Airlines

UAL230 Ryan Kauffman

Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL230 Ryan Kauffman » November 2nd, 2015, 5:43 pm

Callsign: UAL230
Name: Ryan Kauffman
Birthplace: Kokomo, IN
Current Location: Grand Forks, ND
Hobbies: Flight Sim, baseball, hockey, travel
Interesting Facts: This is my first VA, and I am really enjoying it. Wish I would have heard about them earlier, I have been simming for years, but never online. I hold my Limited Commercial License, working on building more hours for a real flying job. I love flying small planes and have worked for a crop duster during college. Hoping to fly for Customs and Border Protection someday. I have worked for FedEx Express in the past also.
Age: 22
Married: 12/13/14 :)

UAL643 Efrain Davila
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL643 Efrain Davila » November 30th, 2015, 11:34 pm

Callsign: UAL643
Name: Efrain Davila
Birthplace: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Current Location: NYC / New Jersey / Miami, FL (USA)
Hobbies: Flight Simulation for many years (since Microsoft Flight Simulator 98')
Occupation: Grammy nominated professional musician, producer and songwriter within the latin music world.
Interesting facts: I have almost 100 hours of flight time logged in the real world, yet never managed to obtain my PPL. As a touring musician all my life, I've taken lots of leave-of-absences from training only having to start from the beginning with refresher courses every time I went back.
Age: 37
Kids: Not that I know of! :?

UAL900 Sante Sottile

Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL900 Sante Sottile » December 4th, 2015, 9:07 pm

Callsign: UAL911
Name: Sante Sottile
Birthplace: Timmins, Canada
Current Location: CYVR (Vancouver)
Hobbies: Flight Simulation, Tech Guru, Community Tech Support.
Occupation: IT Professional
Interesting Facts: Flew in the Canadian Arctic supplying Communities\Mines with food and supplies for over 2 years. Oh, you might find me on the Flightbeam forums, helping out our customers. ;)
Age: 26
Kids: None

UAL535 William Khoemarga

Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL535 William Khoemarga » April 12th, 2016, 5:39 am

Name : William Khoemarga
Call sign : ual330
Current location:Indonesian
Hobby : reading, playing game, and watching television
Age : 22

UAL1277 Kevin Finch
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Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL1277 Kevin Finch » April 26th, 2016, 10:39 am

Greetings all, joined the VA today. I am coming back to simming after five years away; I just retired following 30 years in government communications and I look forward to spending some time in the skies with you. Things will be a little rusty at first, I'm sure, but I hope it's like riding a bicycle - it all comes back.

My earlier simming had me at a few VAs; I know it's bad form to talk about other VAs but I will tip my hat to the late, great VCAir. There are several former vContinental pilots here and it was one of the reasons I chose this VA. I was COA277 so I am really pleased that vUAL granted me the UAL277 callsign. Thanks so much!

I'm just getting started with FSX-SE and purchased the Majestic Q400 Pro; I think that will be my ride of choice for awhile. In the past, I flew FS9 with the PMDG 737s and the 1900D; PSS DH3, 757, 777 and Concorde; feelThere Embraers and the Level-D 767.

I'm a Canadian so my spelling will be different; I say "out" and "about" differently, I'm told. (grin) I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia (CYHZ). You've probably flown past, heading up J575 (if memory serves...) on your way to Europe.

Outside of simming, I'm interested in photography; I lead a 50-member Meetup camera club.


UAL611 Derrick Scott

Re: Pilot Introduction Thread

Post by UAL611 Derrick Scott » June 5th, 2016, 10:15 am

Callsign: UAL733
Name: Derrick Scott
Birthplace: Alabama
Current Location: Georgia
Hobbies: Flying (Real, RC, and Sim) biking, kayaking.
Ocuppation: Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic
Military Affiliation: Former US Army Reserves stationed at Ft. Rucker, Alabama
Age: 25
Kids: 2 five year olds. One is a Pyrenees and collie mix named Bear and the other is a bulldog mix named Maggie

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