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South America 2 Tour/Award

Posted: November 7th, 2021, 11:39 am
by UAL1277 Kevin Finch
Fly the 11 legs in their prescribed order:

You may fly non-award legs between the award flights, i.e., fly SKCL-SEQM, then fly a Friday Night Ops (FNO) in the USA, then fly SEQM-SKBO. (Pilots are not required to fly from the award airport to the non-award airport (i.e., SEQM to the FNO departure airport and then fly from the FNO arrival airport back to SEQM, but you are welcome to do so). Use UAL liveries for all flights; fly charters for flights not on the vUAL schedule.

KIAH - our Houston hub
SVMI - Caracas, Venzuela
SBGL - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
SPJC - Lima, Peru
SKCL - Cali, Columbia
SEQM - Quito, Peru
SKBO - Bogota, Columbia
SCEL - Santiago, Chile
SPZO - Cusco, Peru
SAEZ - Buenos Aires, Argentina
SBGR - São Paulo, Brazil

Some notes on the airports:

Lima, Peru - Jorge Chávez International Airport, Peru's main airport; FS9/FSX/P3D still use SPIM. In P3D, SPJC is a small, high mountain dirt airstrip. Either ICAO code is acceptable

Quito, Ecuador - SEQM - does not exist in MS/Lockheed based sims; you'll need to download freeware or payware to put an airport where SEQM should be.
Cusco, Peru is a tricky airport, located in the middle of the city. Check your sim to see if you need a freeware/payware scenery.