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Monthly Flights

Post by UAL001 Jeremy Young » December 1st, 2021, 12:37 pm

Hello KSFO Hub,

Not sure if anyone is reading the messages on Discord. So I am also posting here.

Please, help David and I out by doing your monthly flying. It only takes 1 flight per month to stay active here at Virtual United Airlines. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to make the monthly flight, I would encourage you to ask for a Leave of Absence (LOA). This can save you some time, and keep you on the roster. David and I go through the Roster every end of the month. For those who get hired and do not fly after the 15 days required, we will remove you from the roster. Any pilot who does not fly within a certain timeframe (over 30 days) we will remove you from the roster. I despise having to do this, but we just take up space if we are just sitting doing nothing. So please, help David and I. Get those monthly flights in. I know life gets busy at times, but we can do it. Only takes 1 flight.

As always, if anyone has any issues or questions, please email or message David and I on Discord. I get on mostly everyday, so I can check messages and email. So do not hesitate to get a hold of us. We will gladly help out where we can.

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