NOTAM: Filing Flights for other companies

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NOTAM: Filing Flights for other companies

Post by UAL001 Jeremy Young » March 2nd, 2022, 1:12 am

KSFO Pilots,

David and myself, your gracious Hub Management, as well as Senior Staff, have noticed that there are Pilots flying and filing Pilot Reports using other various aircraft and airline liveries. Please be aware that this is a violation of Operations Guidance, it is 4.0 Flight Operations, Section 4.2 Flight requirements. It states "Flights must be completed in the airline livery specified in the flight schedule, or a United, United Express, or another Star Alliance airline livery. If a pilot submits a PIREP using a livery other than mentioned above, the PIREP will be rejected. For example, a flight in a British Airways livery will be rejected." I would add that we also have American Airlines on our flight schedule, so we are able to fly American flights as well. Either way, please make note of this. David and I are committed to checking all Pilot Reports. If we see any discrepancy with your Pilot Reports, we will question them directly and further reject the Pilot Report.

This is a lot of work for your Hub Management to do, and mostly affects those that do not follow the requirement, as far as your flight hours. Especially if you are a point to point person, like I am, you would be required to go back to your previous destination after having flown many hours. Please, address this if it is an issue for you, and please make corrections. You are only allowed to fly a flight that is United, Star Alliance Members and American, that are on our schedule. If it is not part of either of those your flights will be rejected. We can no longer get away with doing the flights that we have seen some Pilots doing and them getting automatically accepted.

Please follow this requirement. Thank you all for your continued service with Virtual UAL.

UAL023 Jeremy Young

Hub Manager – San Francisco International Airport

Virtual United Airlines

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